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Two and a half hours into rendering and heres what we're looking like~

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this was a commission of a friends star wars oc! i really went ham on the shading here, just for fun.

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Desert Night

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naiad -

White Fence Farm

redbubble | carrd

Huevember Day 12: Luna

more pink today~ c:

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Maps, in order: Default | Trade routes | Religious sects | Climates

Information about the world below the cut.

Astroria is a planet I started creating and working on well back in 2016. It's a planet somewhat similar to Earth, with a combination of fantasy and sci-fi. There is (or, was) heavily advanced technology, some so advanced that it allowed people to biologically change their bodies, grafting on and surgically adding new body parts that were fully functional. (Think of wings, tails, extra eyes, extra limbs, extraneous features like horns or spikes.)

There is also a magical side to the world, that any person living on Astroria can access and interact with. It's somewhat similar to Eragon, where magic is simply cast with will and energy. The difference is that Astrorian magic requires special objects known as "casts," which can be made of various materials to induce certain elements. These casts are engraved with different runes, depending on what their intent is.

Over the past few generations, Astroria has moved from having a largely scientifically-oriented society to being far more magically-oriented. This is due to a massive, rampant disease that started causing horrible damage to people who indulged in the opportunity to modify their bodies. The only solution that was found was through magic healing, and most people chose to shun it following the disaster, and didn't tell their descendants about it. There are still old laboratories scattered across the world, holding plenty of technology, research, and information from those days, though they are abandoned and decrepit.

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draya -

Weird dragon thing, happy with how it turned out

i'm gonna try to be more active online this year, but work is exhausting and art is hard so we'll see how that works out lol

some background practice i did a while ago! i'm still pretty fond of it

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Hey batter, batter,SWING

Bday gift for a friend awhile back.

Huevember Day 23: Ayala

7 days left~

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ref of a reptilian species for a world/story i'm working on

Playing around with Clip Studio Paint - it's not quite what I've been looking for, but it's fun!

(photo ref used)

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How it started How it's going

2012 VS 2020

The first digital art I drew with my first tablet. Good times

Skintober 12 - Immortal Journey

Day 12 - This is the closest look to her Elder-verse I’m going to get…also Sky with dark hair? Hmmm….

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30 min art exercise of a wave


map + set of 7 landscapes i painted to showcase the areas in my world

teamea -


An OC of mine and my friend :>

Ready to cause trouble and is money motivated

Might post a ref sheet of him at some point. Would you like to see that?

One of my early paintings I did. I really constrained myself on it and I'm so glad I'm more loose on painting now lol

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The Wild Animal Sanctuary

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Huevember Day 17: Whisper

dang that is dark, uhh trust me it's really blue ^^;

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absolute goon

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Hana, my cleric of Kelemvor. I haven't been able to play her yet, but she was made for a Strahd campaign