A quick picture.

Just a little Nott portrait i drew in june as a break from homework :smile emoji:

[ID: a digital artwork depicting a portrait of Nott the brave from Critical Role: Campaign 2. She’s in her second official outfit but her flowercrown is just yellow. She smiles as she stares at the viewer. End ID]


Trying something a litle more dynamic

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artfight piece of ne'zara for @beckarts

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I finally got the time to finish this. Almost scrapped it entirely, but then had the most ridiculous idea of 'hey maybe this thing only needs more plants'. So here we are...

~Yasha Nydoorin~

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The Wild Animal Sanctyary

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war form

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she’s done nothing wrong, ever, in her life

ref’d from Mrs. James Guthrie (1865) by Frederic Leighton

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Idk if everyone knows but I just thought I'd share that itch.io is having a massive bundle for BLM rn where all the profits are being donated to NAACP and the Community Bail Fund 50/50. It costs 5USD, but it encourages you donate 10USD. It's hit over 2M USD so far in funds.

It's got a ton of good stuff from games to songs to assets and some engines if y'all wanna check it out here.

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me as a GM, watching my party working together to solve something (with varying degrees of silliness): “You’re doing amazing, sweeties.”

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I want the m9 to have a picnic day. I want them to find a large field full of flowers and entirely devoid of any dangerous creatures, subterranean or otherwise, and I want them to lay out a big blanket with a big basket full of delicious food and I want them to just spend the day in the sun, eating, laughing, bonding, picking flowers, singing ridiculous made up songs, messaging (harassing) friends to ask if they’ll come too, and then when night falls they can look at the stars and talk and heal

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i really really miss critical role but hey if we were gonna have a hiatus at least it happened after they successfully resurrected fjord right

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Beau, internally: oh this is a perfect time to compliment Jester
Beau, out loud: It’s cute
*gay panic sets in*
Beau, out loud: But you know you could die

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Sources: Textbooks | Tweet

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time to get downloadin' those priceless materials 😎

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I know no queen but the Queen in the North whose name is LAURA FUCKING BAILEY.

The Mighty Nein | Level 10

In this house we stan Matthew Mercer, Dungeon Master and Wordsmith Extraordinaire.

Critical Role Fanart - Vex and Trinket

i can paint digitally sometimes~

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Seeing a black cat cross your path is a good omen because you get to see a cat.

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There's this lovely little place were I live called Antelope Island

Oil on canvas